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Please click on the thumbnail below for the approximate material requirements for various typed of furniture.  It is recommended to order additional yardage over the stated material requirements especially for patterns that have to match.


Chervan Furniture Frames
You can design your own furniture as we now offer Chervan furniture frames. Create the perfect piece of furniture. You can start with the standard choices and/or design your custom frame by choosing the size as well as arm, top and leg style. Click here to see available frames or to design your own. Please contact us for pricing and to place an order. Some completed pieces are shown below.



Foam Selection Tips

In normal operations, we prefer to use a foam with a density rating of 3.1 and an ILD rating of 33 for sofa and chair cushions. We'll usually use a back cushion foam which is a 2.4 density with an ILD rating of 18. This foam material produces a medium-firm back cushion. Where a softer back cushion is desired the 1.8 density/ 11 lb. ILD foam material may be substituted.

On dining room chairs, where the thickness of the foam is generally lower (1-2"), it would be recommended to use a foam with a density rating of 2.8 and an ILD rating of 41 to compensate for the reduced foam thickness. Where some clients prefer the softer feel of the 33 lb. foam for dining seats, It is usually recommend increasing the foam thickness by 1/2" if the chair style lends itself to that option.

You will note that the ILD ratings of the foam materials in the chart range up to 61 lbs. While these very firm foam materials are available and have their specific and appropriate uses we would never recommend the use of any foam material higher than a 41 lb ILD rating for seat cushions.

The 50 and 61 lb ILD foam materials may be used for such applications as kneelers or fitness equipment pads where the foam thickness is limited to 1-2" and the higher ILD rating is necessary to compensate for the limited thickness of the foam.

Below is a chart which describes some of the different foam materials and their uses.

ILD Density Feel Uses
11 1.8 Extra Soft Soft back cushion, envelope feather/down cushion
18 2.4 Comfort Soft Firm back cushions, XX-Exta soft seating
26 2.7 Soft Extra firm back cushions, Soft seating
27 2.8 Medium Soft Medium soft seating
31 2.7 Medium Medium seating.(Exceeds industry standards)
33 1.9 Medium Firm Medium firm seating
33 3.1 Medium Firm Medium firm seating
41 2.8 Firm Firm (2" Dining chairs)
50 3.2 Extra Firm Extra firm seating
61 3.0 Extra Firm Extra firm seating